SkyBox produced many licensed non-sports trading cards, including sets for Disney | Star Trek | Marvel Comics | DC Comics | Wild Wild West | SkyBox also produced SkyCaps, its milk caps games brand. Cap series included DC Comics characters, Jurassic ParkBatman: Knightfall, and a National Football League series.

Marvel Universe | 1995 Marvel Ultra Fleer Spider-man | 1994 Marvel Fleer The Amazing Spider-Man | 1993 Marvel Masterpieces | Skybox Marvel Cards | Skybox Disney Cards.

SkyBox International Inc., formerly Impel Marketing, was an American trading card manufacturing company based in Durham, North Carolina started in 1989 and operated until 1995.

Sets generally included Autograph Cards | Hologram Cards | Holo cards | Suspended Animation | Base Card Sets and other inserts.

Significant Autograph Cards include Kevin Kline | William Shatner | Captain Kirk | Leonard Nemoy | Deforest Kelly | Stan Lee.