1993 Dynamic Marketing The Flintstones Movie 110 Trading Card Base Set - Hanna Barbera

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Here is a set to take you back to the stone ages.

You are looking at a complete 110 Trading card base set of The Flintstones Movie. The Flintstone were created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

This beautiful trading card base set features all of The Flintstones Characters Fred Flintstone | Wilma Flintstone | Pebbles | Dino | Barney Rubble | Betty Rubble | Bamm-Bamm | Hoppy | Mr. Slate | The Great Gazoo.

Starring cast John Goodman | Rick Moranis | Halle Berry | Elizabeth Taylor | Elizabeth Perkins | Rosie O'Donnell and Kyle MacLachlan.

Produced by Dynamic Marketing in 1993.