2006 Marvel Studios X-Men 3 Movie: The Last Stand Trading Card Mini Master Set - Binder | Base | P3 Promo | Autograph

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You have found a rare collectable treasure!

You are looking at a Mini Master Trading Card set from X-Men 3 The Last Stand Movie.

These cards are based on Marvel Comics Characters from The Uncanny X-Men. They features cast and characters Hugh Jackman | Wolverine | Charles Xavier | Jean Grey | Rogue | Beast | Angel and many more.

With this mini Master set you will receive:

  • Official X-Men 3 The Last Stand Factory Binder
  • 72 Trading card base set
  • P3 Promo Card - Binder Exclusive
  • Binder Exclusive Autograph Trading card Shohreh Aghdashloo as Dr Kavita Rao

Produced by Rittenhouse Archives in 2006.