2015 Topps WWE Undisputed Cage Evolution Moments CEM Insert Trading Card - You Pick

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WWE's first ever High End release WWE Undisputed 2015.

This is a selection of Cage Evolution Moments Insert Cards.

A Cage Match in WWE has evolved over the decades and is immortalised in these hard hitting cards.

The Blue Steel Cage Match had 2 Referees officiating. One on the inside to count pin falls and one on the outside to identify who exited the structure first.

Hell In A Cell is exactly what the name states. Some of the greatest battles in WWE History occurred in this unforgiving structure. WWE Superstars are made in this match.

The Elimination Chamber ups the Ante with 6 WWE Superstars putting it all on the line. One this is for sure, a cage match is must watch WWE.

Featuring a beautiful 48 point card stock.

Produced by Topps in 2015.