2022 Marvel Studios: Allure Factory Sealed Trading Card Box - 8 Packs - Upper Deck

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Absolutely Marvelous!

Marvel Studios: Allure Factory Sealed Trading Card Box.

Introducing a premium trading card set that brings together an Upper Deck brand renown for its jaw-dropping, mirror-like, reflective technology cards with Marvel’s incredible Infinity Saga films spanning from Marvel Studios’ Iron Man through Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame!

Contains 8 Packs per box.
9 Cards Per Pack.

The exclusive trading cards in this box feature characters & cast based on Marvel Comics Characters including:

Iron Man | Robert Downey Jr | Loki | Tom Hiddleston | Captain America | Chris Evans | Scarlett Johansson | Black Widow and many more.

Collect parallels ranging in color, pattern, and rarity, thematic inserts, actor autographs, printing plates, and original art sketch cards!

Discover a wide and colorful selection of Actor Autograph cards!

Marvel Studios Allure® Insert Cards!
Discover Green Quartz Parallels #’d to 99 and Golden Treasures Parallels #’d 1 of 1!
- Character Posters
- Nemesis
- Movie Posters

Thematic Marvel Base Design Variants!
- Storm Base Variants
- Portal Base Variants

ALL NEW Allure® Designs!
- Infinity Stones
- Symmetry

Collect Original Art Sketch Cards!

BOX HITS (On Average)
- 1 Card from the following:
- Autograph
- Sketch Card
- Steel Parallel
- Infinity Stone
- Printing Plate
- 1 Super Rare or #’d to 199 or less Parallel Card
- 8 SP’s
- 8 Ratio’d Base Set & SP Parallels
- 5 Insert Cards:
- Nemesis
- Character Posters
- Movie Posters

- Symmetry Purple Parallel Autographs - #’d 1 of 1
- Golden Treasures Parallel Cards - #’d 1 of 1
- Infinity Stones White Parallel Cards - #’d to 6
- Original Art Sketch Cards
- 1 of 1 Printing Plates

Produced by Upper Deck in 2023.

Note - Images are stock images only. They do not depict the exact box you will receive nor make any guarantee which Autographs will be in the sealed box.